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    Kenya Lodge Safari
3 Days Amboseli Safari Tour
3 Days Samburu Safari Tour
3 Days Masai Mara Safari Tour
4 Days Masai Mara Safari Tour
4 Days Lake Naivasha/ Masai Mara
4 Days Masai Mara/Lake Nakuru
4 Days Aberdares/Samburu Tour
5 Days Lake Naivasha/Masai Mara
5 Days Lake Nakuru/ Maasai Mara
5 Days Masai Mara/Lake Naivasha
5 Days Amboseli/Tsavo West
6 Days Masai/Nakuru/Bogoria
6 Days Mara/Nakuru/Amboseli
6 Days Amboseli/Naivasha/Mara
6 Days Mara/Tree/Samburu
6 Days Shaba/Tree/Nakuru/Mara
6 Days Tree/Naivasha/Mara
7 Days Samburu/Tree/Masai Mara
7 Days Classic Kenya
8 Days Samburu/Ark/Nakuru/Mara
9 Days Aberdares/Samburu/Mara
11 Days Mara/Tsavo/ Mombasa
16 Days Mara/Nakuru/Samburu//Mt. Kenya/Aberdares/Amboseli/Mombasa
21 Days Mara/Nakuru /Samburu/ Aberdares/ Amboseli/ Tsavo/ Mombasa/ Ngorongoro /Tarangire
    Kenya Camping Safari
3 Days Amboseli Tour Safari
3 Days Maasai Mara Tour Safari
3 Days Samburu Tour Safari
4 Days Masai Mara Safari Tour
6 Days Nakuru/ Masai Mara/Bogoria
6 Days Masai Mara & Lakes Nakuru
7 Days Mara/Samburu/Mt. Kenya
7 Days Samburu/Nakuru/Masai Mara
8 Days Amboseli/Naivasha/Mara
9 Days Overland Northern Frontier
10 Days Mara/Samburu/Tsavo
   Masai Mara Migration Safaris
3 Days Mara Express Migration
4 Days Lion Safari Migration
4 Days Maasai Mara/Lake Nakuru Park
4 Days Lake Naivasha/Maasai Mara
5 Days Nakuru/Naivasha/Maasai Mara
5 Days Maasai Mara/Lake Nakuru
    Mount Kenya Climbing
4 Days Sirimon Route Climbing
5 Days Sirimon Route Climbing
 5 Days Naro Moru Route Climbing
 5 Days Sirimon - Chogoria Route
6 Days Sirimon - Chogoria Route
7 Days Timau Track
     Kenya Air Safaris
2 Days Masai Mara Air Safari
3 Days Masai Mara Safari Tour
3 Days Amboseli National Park
3 Days Lamu Island
3 Days Mombasa Island
7 Days Air Flying Safari Package
  Kenya Wedding & Honeymoon
7 Days Amboseli/Mt. Kenya/Mara
10 Days Mara/Mt. Kenya/Beach
10 Days Honeymoon Package
10 Days Beach Honeymoon
11 Days Game/Beach/Honeymoon
   Kenya Bird Watching Safaris
10 Days Meru/Samburu/Baringo
10 Days Tsavo/Nakuru/Masai Mara
13 Days Kakamega/Sosyambu
14 Days Meru/Nakuru/Masai Mara.
   Kenya Tanzania Combined Safaris
8 Days Amboseli/Ngorongoro/Serengeti
9 Days Amboseli/Serengeti/Manyara
10 Days Mara/Serengeti/Manyara
11 Days Best of Kenya Tanzania Safari
12 Days Masai Mara/Tarangire
12 Days Nakuru Amboseli/Serengeti
12 Days Aberdares/Amboseli/Manyara
13 Days Ngorongoro/Masai Mara
14 Days Wildebeest Safari Tour
15 Days Preditors Safari Explorer
25 Days Classic Safari Tour
29 Days Classic Adventure Tour
  Kenya Excursions Safari
Nairobi Excursions
Mombasa Excursions
Short Safaris from Mombasa
Kenya Hotels & Lodges
Kenya Car Hire Services
Airport Transfers
East Africa National Parks

Client Comments
Good to hear from you, we're ok but been very busy with work after return from Kenya.You did a great job, everything was perfectly organized and we absolutely loved it . The trip was tremendous and we will definitely come back to Africa, and hopefully with you.Our driver in Tanzania was very communicative and made our trip very comfortable - excellent performance, just as the Kenyan driver.
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Why  Book a Direct Safari with us?: Because we are Local Tour Experts and we Tailor- made Safaris in  a detailed structure with  keen interest to the client/s. We are the local experts on Ground and offer  Best Value for your  Money , Over 13 Years of Experience and still Kenya's Leading Online Tours and Travel Safari Operator

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Over the years, we have established close contacts with hotels and lodges in eastern Africa , our bookings are based on recommendations from personal experiences

We cater for the fit and special interest groups. We take great care to those who are aged over 65 - 90 years and special back pillows/comforts are provided while on safari. Our clients are guaranteed high standards of services and all our packages have been carefully planned. We boast ourselves on attention to detail with innovative and interesting itineraries being our specialty. Our experienced tour guide will provide you with the very best in African safaris. Our safaris get nature while not abandoning comfort. Welcome to the source of major safari destination in Africa, Kenya Safari, Tour & Travel Tanzania, Trips Holiday Kenya Tanzania Combined Safaris.

The experience is unique and a real remedy to any form of stress, its entertaining beyond words. If beauty has a home, its East Africa.


Giraffe Family at the Masai Mara

Breezes Beach Club Zanzibar

Mount Kenya

Kenya Lodge Safaris Combined Wildlife Safaris Tanzania Kenya Beach Safaris Mountain Climbing

Watch Kenya Safari Video Clip

Egypt  Tanzania  Kenya  & South Africa   Combined Tours

15 Days Egypt- Tanzania Tours

16 Days South Africa- Kenya Safari Trip.

23 Days Africa Explorer - Tanzania -Egypt- Kenya

25 Days Egypt- South Africa Tours.

Kenya is the major safari country in Africa, and Nairobi the safari capital of the world. Kenya has a system of well-managed nature reserves across the country, where lions, rhinos, elephants and many, many zebras, antelopes and birds can be seen in the wild. One large nature reserve lies just outside Nairobi and can be visited by taxi from the capital. From Nairobi airport, one can often see giraffes grazing.

It is less well known that Kenya also has beautiful white sand beaches along its more than 500-kilometre coastline, with palm trees, blue seas and resorts with cool Martinis. Kenya has a tropical climate with sun throughout the year. Two times per year, the weather changes from rainy to dry season. The coast region is hotter than inlands, and in the mountains it's outright cold.

The Masai Mara Migration of Wildebeest.
The Wildebeest arrive at the Mara River around July and cross over onto the Masai Mara plains. The wildebeest remain here until October, when they return to Tanzania. Gazetted in 1961, the Reserve is located west of the Rift Valley and is a natural extension of the Serengeti plains. The Mara River, the reserve's backbone, traverses north to south. This river course is the natural barrier crossed every year by the large herds of wildebeest and zebra during their migration

With such a perfect Location, perched on the edge of the African continent, and facing the Indian Ocean, Tanzania?s weather and climate leaves nothing to be desired. Warm and sunny days are followed by cool and balmy nights, and whether you?re on safari on the Serengeti plains or enjoying the tropical beaches of Zanzibar, the temperatures are always welcoming and gentle.
These destinations are well-known and draw thousands of visitors on memorable African holiday safaris, but this beautiful country also has some of the wildest wilderness areas in Africa. Each year around the same time the 'Great Wildebeest Migration' begins in the Ngorongoro area of the southern Serengeti of Tanzania. A natural phenomenon determined by the availability of grazing. It is January to March when the calving season begins. A time when there is plenty of rain ripened grass available for the 500,000 zebra that precede 1.8 million wildebeest and the following 100,000 plains game.

February marks the start of this great migration, preceding the long rainy season when wildebeest spend their time grazing and giving birth to approximately 500,000 calves within a 2/3-week period, which starts abruptly and is remarkably synchronized. Few calves are born ahead of time, the few that are as much as 6 months out of phase, hardly any will survive. (Estes 1992) The main reason for this being that very young calves are more noticeable to predators when mixed with older calves from earlier in the previous year, and so are easier prey.

Enjoy Our Tanzania Lodge Safaris, Tanzania Camping Safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and Zanzibar Beach Safaris

Uganda is home to half of the remaining population of Mountain Gorilla in the whole world. You can do gorilla tracking in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks...Birding in Uganda: In almost every safari to Uganda, you will see birds, this is because Uganda has over 1,000 species compared to 700 in the whole of Europe. For Birdwatching Safaris in Uganda Wildlife Safaris in Uganda: Game viewing is one of the main activities, you will see the Lion, Buffalo, Monkeys and other primates in the National parks. Hand Picked website, Uganda African Safaris White Water Rafting: The longest river in Africa provides for rafting opportunities at Jinja. Information on rafting has been gathered here...Cultural Tours: Uganda is composed of regions , each with different cultures. The recent restoration of kingdoms in Uganda has boosted up cultural sites...Mountaineering in Rwenzoris: One of the most challenging mountains in the Africa include the Rwenzori, having the highest Mountain ranges in Africa. All information about Mountaineering has been gathered here...
Chimpanzee tracking safari: The closest living relative to human beings is the Chimp, Sharing 97% of our genes. Chimpanzee tour trekking is done in Kibale and other parks. More...

Egypt is a land of great heritage from the ancient world, including Pyramids and wonderful temples, but it is also part of the Holy Land, Christian and other religious monuments are popular. Yet Egypt also offers nature and desert treks, great scuba diving and even golf, fishing and birding expeditions. One may choose to relax on the wondrous Egypt Red Sea or Sinai coasts, take in the high culture of Cairo, or even leisurely float down the Egyptian Nile on a luxurious river boat.
Egypt's history is difficult to comprehend. Its history covers some five thousand years, and encompasses the origin of civilization, the rise of the Greeks and Romans.

South Africa:
South Africa lies at the southernmost part of the African continent. It is bordered to the north by Botswana and Zimbabwe, to the northeast by Mozambique and Swaziland and to the northwest by Namibia. On the east coastline lies the Indian Ocean, the Southern coastline the confluence of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, and Atlantic Ocean on the western side. South Africa completely surrounds Lesotho. South African Safaris are world renowned for luxurious lodges with superb game viewing. Parks include the Krugar National and has lots of Wildlife. We arrange and tailor-made South African safaris and tours according to your dates and preferred areas of travel.

Victoria falls:
The Victoria falls is 1 708 meters wide, making it the largest curtain of water in the world. It drops between 90m and 107m into the Zambezi Gorge and an average of 550,000 cubic metres of water plummet over the edge every minute. Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe .The Victoria Falls constitutes one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. The Local people call it "Mosi-oa-Tunya" -- the smoke that thunders and the Falls are remarkable. Remarkably preserved in its natural state, Victoria falls inspires visitors as much today as it did David Livingstone in the 1860's. The falls and the surrounding area have been declared National Parks and a World Heritage Site, the river's annual flood season is February to May with a peak in April. The spray from the falls typically rises to a height of over 400 metres (1,300 ft), and sometimes even twice as high, and is visible from up to 50 km (30 miles) away. The mighty Zambezi flows broad and placid to the brink of a 1700m wide basalt lip before taking a headlong 100 metre plunge into the thunderous, frothy chasm of the gorge below. This is the world's largest sheet of falling water.



   Tanzania Lodge Safaris

3 Days Ngorongoro Crater Tour

3 Days Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro

4 Days Ngorongoro/Lake Manyara

5 Days Ngorongoro/ Serengeti

6 Days Ngorongoro/Serengeti

6 Days Manyara/Serengeti/Crater

7 Days Best of Tanzania

8 Days Luxury Classical Safari.

12 Days Tarangire/Crater/Zanzibar

13 Days Ngorongoro/Masai Mara

    Tanzania Camping Safaris

3 Days Ngorongoro Safaris

4 Days Manyara/Serengeti/Crater

4 Days Ngorongoro/Lake Manyara

5 Days Manyara/Serengeti/Crater

6 Days Manyara/Serengeti/Crater

6 Days Crater/Serengeti/Manyara

7 Days Serengeti/Tarangire

8 Days Crater/Serengeti/Manyara

13 Days Ngorongoro/Masai Mara

   Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

7 Days Marangu Route

7 Days Umbwe Route

7 Days  Rongai Route

8 Days Machame Route

8 Days  Lemosho Route
Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar Beach
6 Days Wildlife/Zanzibar Beach
7 Days Ngorongoro/Zanzibar Beach
8 Days Manyara/Zanziabr Beach
8 Days Ngorongoro/Zanzibar Beach
9 Days Manyara/Zanzibar Beach
10 Days Manyara/Zanzibar Beach
20 Days - Wildlife / Zanzibar Beach
Tanzania Rwanda Zanzibar Tour

  Zanzibar Beach Safari

Zanzibar Excursions

3 Days Zanzibar Safaris

6 Days Mapenzi Beach

10 Days Ngorongoro/Mnarani

Serengeti Migration Safaris

 3 Days Serengeti Migration Safari

 4 Days Manyara/Serengeti/Crater

  5 Days Ngorongoro/ Serengeti

 6 Days Ngorongoro/Serengeti

 6 Days Manyara/Serengeti/Crater

  Kenya Special Safaris
Photographic Safaris
Water Rafting Safaris
Cultural Safaris
Mission Tours
   Uganda Safaris
Uganda Lodge Safaris
Uganda Gorilla Treks
Ruwenzori Climbing
Gorilla Treking Safaris
Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tour
   Kenya Uganda Tanzania Tours
  11 Days Kenya Uganda Safari
15 Days Kenya Tanzania Uganda
21 Days Kenya Tanzania Uganda
23 Days Kenya Tanzania Uganda
   South Africa Safaris
Kruger Park Fly in Safaris
South Africa Victoria Combined
10 Day Johannesburg Victoria Falls
10 Day South Africa's Wildlife  Cape
South Africa Group Safari
The Best of Africa 20 Days
   Zimbabwe Victoria Safaris
Victoria Falls Tours
Victoria River Cruises
Victoria Falls Safaris
   Egypt Tour
8 Days Red Sea Adventure
8 Days Cruise & The Pyramids
12 Days Cairo & Luxor Tour
14 Days Egypt Cruise Holiday
15 Days Egyptian  Nile Cruise
Endless Wonders of Egypt Tour
16 Days Adventure Holiday Tour
15 Days Tanzania Cairo Combined
   Kenya Tanzania Migration
14 Days Wildebeest Migration
15 Days Preditors Safaris
21 Days Combined Migration Safari
Egypt  Tanzania  Kenya  & South Africa   Combined Tours
15 Days Egypt- Tanzania Tours
16 Days South Africa- Kenya Safari
23 Days Africa Explorer
25 Days Egypt- South Africa Tours

Client Comments
What a wonderful trip we had! Enjoyed every minute.We have so many fond memories to share with our friends and family. We were very grateful to Willie in Zanzibar. All 4 of us were due to fly back to Nairobi together and when we went to the airport there was only room for 2 people on the flight
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